Cost-effective CO2 and CO monitoring with laser absorption spectroscopy

PI: Chang Liu (UoE), Weiwei Cai (SJTU)

SJTU-UoE Collaborative Research Fund, 10/2018-09/2019

Heavy-duty diesel engines release large amounts of toxic gases, imposing significant hazards on people and the environment. Recent years have witnessed increasingly strict regulations of pollutant emissions from diesel engines, placing critical requirements on improving their environmental performance. The proposed joint work will monitor the CO and CO2 emissions from the exhaust of the heavy-duty diesel engines. The joint research will explore the potential for a laser diagnostic tool to investigate the formation of the pollutants in diesel engines, thus allowing the engineers to optimise combustion performance.

We will achieve our goal using the technique of laser absorption spectroscopy (LAS), which has been validated for measuring the temperature, pressure, species concentration of reactive flows. This joint project will design a cost-effective system to measure the multispecies concentration sensitively and in real-time. By working together, the two research groups will implement sensor design, hardware design, and system validation.

The joint project will bring together the expertise of UoE on LAS sensor design and SJTU on signal processing and combustion diagnosis. The project will support travel between the two institutions to enable detailed discussions on these research topics and to collaborate together to solve problems related to cost-effective multispecies sensor design. The project will build a relationship which will lead to long term collaboration between the two groups through joint applications for future research projects in this area. Successful research outcomes will also benefit industrial companies working with these two research groups in developing cost-effective and custom-oriented gas monitoring system.

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