Research Overview

TDLAS-based Engine Diagnosis

We focus on exploring robust and accurate engine diagnostic solutions using TDLAS, paving the way for combustion optimization and pollutant reduction on engine emissions. To fulfill the increasing demand for monitoring the non-uniform flow fields, we developed and built a series of spatially-resolved TDLAS sensors and instruments for in situ and high-fidelity measurement for engine applications. To date, we have applied the developed TDLAS tomgoraphic sensors in studies of combustion systems of a turbine engine, revealing the dynamics of the swirl and its flame blowout at the lean limit.


Imaging of Gas Turbine Exhaust Species

We are establishing a world-leading capability in the measurement and imaging of molecular and particulate species in gas turbine exhausts, aiming at pushing forward a sustainable aviation industry with reduced pollutant emissions and novel fuels. Furthermore, the measurement data will facilitate diagnostics of the gas turbine condition, and penetrate the complex phenomena that dictate the performance and limitations of advanced gas turbines, offering the prospect of routine engine health monitoring in ground-based tests.


QCLAS-based Trace Gas Sensing

High precision mobile sensing of multi-species gases is greatly demanded in a wide range of applications. Although Quantum Cascade Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (QCLAS) has demonstrated excellent field deployment capabilities for gas sensing, the implementation of this measurement technique into sensor-like portable instrumentation still remains challenging. One of our research themes is to develop compact, lightweight, and low-power QCLAS gas analyzers, offering new opportunities in detecting near-source emissions and investigation of their spatial and temporal variability at affordable cost. 


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